March 15, 2010

You Piss Me Off

If you want to know why I'm leaving for college just take a big ol look at yourself in the mirror and that's the reason why. I seriously cannot wait until I leave, I don't care how immature I may sound I honestly cannot take it anymore. I have no freedom of speech. I cannot say how I feel or even speak one on one to you about it because you are a selfish bitch and you completely shut me down. I think distance is good for us because OBVIOUSLY being too close to you ain't workin out. I wish I could just say Fuck you and leave me the hell alone. But I can't, because it's "rude" and "disrespectful" and I know you'd probably beat the shit out of me. Whatever. I wish one year would go by faster. I'm ready to be a senior and check the hell out of here. I know the real world will be harder and sure I'll "appreciate" what I have now, but one thing I cannot WAIT to get away from is the lack of freedom I have in this place. I can't even go on a walk by my-frickin-self. Whatever. I'm so mad right now that all I can say is "whatever." Fuck it. I'm out.